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What We Do

Strings Activities shape musical, vocal, language, arts and crafts, and games talents. This helps us by making them as artistic as they want to be and also cultivating their expertise in their desired direction in music, languages, games, and arts and crafts. Thus Strings Activities is a one-stop online platform wherein learners regardless of their age group and aptitude enjoy a competitive learning experience. In other words, we kindle the love and passion for learning music, languages, arts and crafts, and games which keeps the flame alive for a lifetime. In a sense, for us, offering quality education is a passion, which comes along with eternal pleasure. 

Est. 2012

11000 students

35 Events

Vision at Strings Music Academy

We aspire to emerge as the most revered music, art & cultural group not just in India but also at the national level. We intend to achieve this with our excellence in music education nurturing talents of different age groups with professionalism and care. We will make it, as we are driven by integrity and ethics.

Values at Strings Music Academy

We intend to be committed to integrity and nurturing talents in the world of music. For this, our values drive us to do all the things we claim about music learning. We believe in innovation when it comes to catering music education to our students in our approach to teaching. We value every student and consider him or her different from the other. Thus we value their individuality that makes them perform differently and out of the box becoming a true color in a gorgeous bouquet of flowers at Springs Music Academy. Lastly, our values also drive us to understand the diverse needs of our students and nourish them to emerge a leader in the music industry.

Quality Policy At Strings Music Academy

Here, at Strings Music Academy, we are known to have the passion for excelling in our efforts in music education. Our quality policies allow us to innovate and embark with music that is not only soothing but makes a difference in the community. Our quality policies enable our students to progress by honing their skills, which eventually surpass all their expectations with the academy.
Strings Music Academy has come a long way in establishing its niche in the domain of music education with its quality music learning services and intend to go miles in this direction. Your association with us will allow you to pursue your dreams of being the ace music professional.
We give our 100%, and feel proud in announcing that we have hordes of happy and contented students.

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