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Best Courses for Chinese Learning

Learn Chinese the fun and easy with our expert Mandarin teachers.

Complete Chinese Course for All

Have a blast learning how to understand and speak Chinese with this funny and engaging class.

Online Class

Chinese Made Easy

With a history of at least 6,000 years, Chinese is the oldest written language in the world. The Shang dynasty (1766–1123 BC) turtle shells contain Chinese character inscriptions, demonstrating the written language's existence for over 3,000 years. A single, distinctive sign or character in the written language of China represents each word in the lexicon. Most characters are written representations of spoken sounds with meaning. An extensive dictionary often has 40,000 characters. One needs to recognize between 2,000 and 3,000 characters to read a newspaper. 

Sign up for our online Chinese classes and carry on a conversation. Speak the Chinese language around your home and at work.

Course Overview

6 levels, starting from basic to advanced

  • Individual and Group Lessons

  • 45-60 hours dedicated to Individual Lessons

  • 6-8 months for Group Lessons

  • 8-classes every month

What to Expect

Baking Cookings

Use Chinese in Everyday Life

Build a solid base vocabulary of words and phrases you can use immediately in the real world.

Raising a Hand

Learn as Required

You can enrol for this course as a hobby, skill development for your profession or a part of the school academic syllabus.

Local Business

Lessons for Everyone

Fun, engaging, personalized classes for all age groups, starting from 5yrs

Shared Office Desk

Get Future-Ready

After completing all the course levels, you get a solid foundation to appear for the A1 level examinations.

School Students

Start from The Scratch

It is taught under the assumption that you know nothing about Chinese.

Traveling by Air

Easy Scheduling

After completing all the levels in our guitar classes, you get a solid foundation for Trinity, ABRSM, and other university music exams.

A man and a woman traveling

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